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Karsan company (Karsazan Dadepardaz Novin) by using advanced technologies, accompanies you in transforming your business into an integrated, smart and dynamic system. The possibility of the presence of service applicants in all stages of product design, development and deployment in order to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity of the final product in an organized and interactive process . read more

Join the companions (customers) of Karsan so that in the future digital world, the experience of presence will be credible for you

Karsan services

Our services can be a journey from idea to reality in the digital world, with a host of different technologies
Based on global programming standards and with the aim of providing a perfect user experience.
UI/UX Analysis and Design
Web Design and Development
App (IOS/Android) Development
CMS Development ( Wordpress )
Web APP Development

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We try to provide a good working experience for customers by providing distinctive services.

Strategic workflow management

Regularly scheduled meetings

Business return on investment (ROI) update

Regular customer interactions

Timely deployment of working prototypes

A Journey to Karsan laboratory

A place to ensure design, implementation, stability, growth and optimal taste
We are not just looking to create beauty, but we are looking to create practical business solutions.

Make your product/service available to anyone and anywhere on the internet

We are very serious about your requests and needs. Regardless of the subject, a way to be happy
We will find being in each other's company, although we are always just an email away from each other...

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Karsan Process

Your project is considered an investment. Therefore, Karsan has a duty to help you evaluate your options, regardless of the capabilities of the collection.
and make the best choice. We try to provide practical solutions according to your wishes

The voice of trust

Experiences of starting a business on the Internet with Karsan professional team
We gladly accept your criticisms and suggestions to improve our performance
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Dr. Ali Akhli
Vice President of Business Development of Iran's Peace Soldiers House

We are grateful to the young, creative and dynamic team of Karsan. Designing the peace tourism system of the nations as the first platform in the field of peace tourism in the world, despite the operational and technical complications, was not an easy task, but the dear team of workers succeeded in doing it with extraordinary skill. Hoping for bigger victories in the future.

Donya Kamali
CEO of Emruzkala

One of the best things that happened to the Emruzkala site was getting to know the Karsan group. I am the CEO of the Emruzkala Donya Kamali site. I had problems and shortcomings in my WordPress site that no one noticed, and on the other hand, I did not have full confidence in the other party's knowledge to make changes. But after getting to know Mrs. Zarei and the WordPress support team, I completely entrusted my site to them, and all the intractable problems of the past were solved. His team carefully considered all the mentioned points. The next issue is the constant availability of the team. Thank you very much for always being responsive and guiding the site in its respective goals, and for quickly investigating and solving problems. The help and communication with the user is excellent, thank you for the excellent service of the team of workers

Mohaddeseh Gholami
Founder and event manager of Helman

Hello and courtesy, we needed a website to organize an event through which friends can easily register for our events. And knowing the professionalism of Karsan's team, we entrusted this work to this team! It's been about 6 months since the site was Launched! And we are very satisfied and happy to cooperate with Karsan team. We were able to speed up the process of registering friends in our events with the help of a good team. Thanks to the good and professional team of workers.

Ehsan Sadeghi
Executive Director of TebIraniYasna

I got advice from Karsan website experts to design the online consulting website and application. They guided me very well and with excellent knowledge and information, and this made me trust these friends and entrust my site and application to this professional team. And now I am very satisfied with this trust. And I suggest that friends who are interested in website and application design should contact the Karsan website and the professional management of this collection by Mrs. Zarei. Professional team Conscientious employees Excellent management There are three main factors of this collection.


We are trying to take an effective step by producing practical content needed by businesses in order to increase
the awareness of business owners about the most up-to-date developments and capabilities of technology
to facilitate the processes and trends in their field of activity.
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